You will find answers to questions you may have regarding the program and the form in the FAQ page.

Thank you for your interest in the HASCAP Guarantee. As instructed by your financial institution, you must complete the form below in order to receive your unique ID code.

Please follow these steps.

  1. Complete and submit this form.
  2. Wait for an email confirming your unique ID code.
  3. Provide your unique ID code to your financial institution representative.

If you are applying for a HASCAP Guarantee for more than one business (must be different legal entities), you must complete this form for each legal entity.

By submitting this form, you consent that BDC will collect the information below, and share such information with the Government of Canada for the purpose of understanding which businesses are seeking relief through the HASCAP Guarantee and the diversity of the population applying for the program.


This program is managed by your financial institution. The Government of Canada has mandated BDC to guarantee the loan to your financial institution. Should you have any questions about your request, please contact your financial institution as it is responsible for managing this program. Only it can provide a status on your application; BDC cannot access the details of your request.

Company information

It's a unique, 9-digit number - the standard identifier for businesses. It is unique to a business or legal entity.

Indigenous peoples
Inuk (Inuit)
First Nations
Visible minorities
Latin American
South Asian
West Asian

None of the above/I prefer not to answer

Applicant contact information

Primary financial institution